When you want to live in your house while it’s for sale it can be a very big task sometimes. Homeowners must balance the house between getting ready to move and also keeping it in good condition for interested buyers and your family. If you have a good Alpharetta Real Estate agent like Bob McCormick and your house is priced right the time you live in your “on the market” house can be reduced immensely. Here are a few necessary things for you to accomplish while living in your “on the market” house.

            First, invest in a storage unit. It doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to clean some non-essential things out of your house. You can even use your garage as this storage space if you are a little short on cash. Clutter in homes will decrease interest for buyers and lose you the lead or value of the house.

            Second, start going through all your stuff and figuring out what you can throw out, donate, or sell. Chances are if you have lived there for a long time you will have a lot of excess storage. Selling takes time and if you have a lot of things you might want to think about selling before the house even goes on the market. In some cases there are companies that will come into your house and sell everything you don’t want at a discount rate, like an estate sale.

            Lastly, make a schedule for showing the house. You know what your family’s schedule is like. Make sure to show the house when no one is home for serenity and freedom for the buyer to check out the house.

            When buying or selling a house always come to the veterans. Bob McCormick has been in the field 21 years.