First Watch is a brand new restaurant you probably have never heard of in the Alpharetta area. Bob McCormick Real Estate puts this place second to none for breakfast in Alpharetta, GA.

Bob McCormick himself visits First Watch every Sunday morning to get one of the wonderful “hashes” mixed with bacon, avocado, egg, and tomato. Wow!

Funny thing is that First Watch actually started back in 83’ and has grown into a very successful chain of Breakfast/Lunch places throughout the U.S. First Watch’s bread and butter though, is the fact that they do not use heat lamps, microwaves, or artificial ingredients. First Watch wanted to direct their hard work to the actual food. All the food is healthy and not full of grease like many of the other breakfast places. Also service is keen to getting you in and out the door fast because you have places to be!

My favorite part about First Watch is the fact that you can still walk out of there full to the brim but still feel good about your diet and the rest of your day.

The team here at Bob McCormick really suggests you try First Watch in Alpharetta, we know you will love it!